A Letter to the Community

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Dear clients, families, clinical and community partners,

We at GHC continue to work each day to uphold our commitment in the community setting. Our mission of supporting patients, families and the medical team as they navigate all aspects of healthcare remains unchanged. Our ability to stabilize patients in the community and help to prevent unnecessary medical appointments and ED and hospital admissions remains critical. For our families, please know that we are aware that many of you remain dependent upon us to be the link between you, your loved ones and their care providers. Please review some of the support services we continue below:

  1. We are working very closely with all community facilities (SNF’s, Assisted Livings, Board and Cares and Hospitals, Medical clinics, etc.) that are quarantined or following the current county protocols and all screening procedures in order to assure the wellbeing and monitoring of patients. We are allowed to visit patients in these environments and are doing so as patient care needs require.

  2. We are in constant contact with the facilities where our patient’s reside for detection of new Covid outbreaks and convert visits to telephonic/digital as needed to continue to provide oversight and care.

  3. We are working closely with medical teams and MD offices to schedule and attend appointments telephonically/digitally as appropriate. Patients that need to be seen in office are being seen and we are carefully managing those situations with patients and the MD’s/NP’s/PA’s based upon their office requirements and protocol at the time.

  4. Our nurses are utilizing and complying with the CDC recommendations regarding the use of protective personal equipment (PPE).

  5. We continue to open new cases and admit patients to our service.

Please know that we are dedicated to the standard of care we have always provided our patients, families, loved ones and clinical partners. We realize that this situation has continued longer than any of us had hoped and that we still have a long road ahead. We will remain diligent in the care of our patients and families and in following all safety protocols and best practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do email or call and we will reply as quickly as possible. We are here to support you in every way possible.


Laura L. Benn, RN CCRN CCM


Guided HealthCARE, a Nursing corporation Nurse Care Coordination/Case Management

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E: laura.benn@guidedhealthcare.com

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