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Deborah, Patient Family Member

“My father passed away peacefully in his sleep after a very long battle with Lewy Body Dementia. He had been suffering in a skilled nursing facility for a long time, was on lots of medications, and was suffering from a wound that wouldn’t heal. Guided HealthCARE's assistance, tenacity and hard work resulted in us finally seeing a physician who properly diagnosed my father. You worked with the medical team to adjust his medications and assure he was receiving the right ones, and less helpful ones were discontinued. You also helped us find a facility that could truly provide him with appropriate and supportive care for his illness. All your help and guidance gave me five more years of memories with my father. While some days were very difficult, I was able to laugh with him, share memories, sing and take him on short outings. Just a month ago, I took him out for a short car ride and an apple strudel. Again, with heartfelt thanks for all that you did.”

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