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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

I second what so many others have said about Guided HealthCARE: They could not be more competent and caring in dealing with the unbelievably complex world of end-of-life medicine. When we first started with Laura, my mother was descending into Alzheimer's and my dad, who thought he could handle her care alone, had become paralyzed in both legs. Laura was the voice of reason as our healthcare providers became increasingly unreliable -- providing answers guided by corporate algorithms rather than my parents' desires. When Julie stepped in to handle my dad's never-ending medical needs, she didn't miss a beat. Three years later, my dad trusts her completely to make the right call, and to nudge him (and me and my siblings, who all live out-of-state) good-humoredly to do the right thing. If there were Nobel Prizes for caregiving, Guided HealthCARE would get one every darn year. We are so grateful.

Jessica Marshall, Patient Family Member

The team at Guided HealthCARE has been an indispensable asset for our family and for our mother. Our case manager, or one of her colleagues, has always been available to help manage overall health issues for our mother, in a caring, respectful and professional way. It’s like having an angel on your shoulder, with the best clinical experience you could hope for. We've worked with several case managers at Guided HealthCARE, and each one has been consistently excellent, with the same sensitivities and skills. We've never been worried when one team member is away, because anyone else providing coverage will know what they need to, to help if needed. Every person has outstanding credentials, knowledge, resources, and importantly, a heart and excellent judgement.

Patient and Family

“The term ‘exceeds expectations’ immediately comes to mind when we think of our relationship with Guided HealthCARE. Three years ago, when our association began, we had no idea how quickly they would become central to the team we assembled to provide high quality care for our parents. Every member of the staff is professional, highly competent and extremely caring. We have yet to encounter a situation in which Guided HealthCARE was not able to make a significant contribution; they are especially capable in coordinating the service providers that we depend on. There is clear and timely communication on all issues, large and small, that speak to a real desire to support our family as we face challenges we could not have imagined would come our way. Guided HealthCARE is an invaluable asset to our family; they have significantly enhanced the quality of life for our parents and for us - they're family care givers.”

Richard & Deborah Gunther, Patient Family Members

“Laura, thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. You and your Guided HealthCARE colleagues have made a huge impact on my Dad’s and our quality of life. It has been so comforting to know that Dad had a weekly health check and always had an advocate with him on nearly all of his appointments. I believe you gave us more quality time with Dad particularly when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney issues. Companies like yours are innovative and are needed to help the elderly and their families negotiate the complex healthcare system. I also appreciate the personal support that you have provided to us as well. Thank you so much!”

Carole Johnson, Patient Family Member (Daughter)

​ “Dear Laura and team - As you know, before my brothers and I were introduced to Guided HealthCARE, the three of us were actively working (what seemed like around the clock) caring for Mom and Dad. Although Mom and Dad were living at a wonderful Assisted Living Facility, my brothers and I still felt like we could not just “be” with our parents. We were constantly still playing the roles of caregiver, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, entertainer, and so much more. We desperately wanted to simply go back to the way it once was - they as the parents, and we as their loving children. ​ After we were introduced to GHC, my brothers and I had a long talk: "How can we pay a third party to do what we should be doing?” ”We all live within 30 miles. Why can’t we do it ourselves?” You see, we all knew we couldn’t keep up the pace much longer, yet we felt guilty and nervous, handing over the reigns to someone else. Laura, fast forward to today. All I can tell you is that we made absolutely the right decision, bringing GHC into the picture! From day one, you and your team took over with grace and dignity. You learned as much as you could about the situation as a whole, and quickly got to know both of my parents on a very close and personal level. There are so many areas for which I am thankful. The first that comes to mind, is how you think ahead and preplan. You have taught us that it is ALWAYS better to talk about “the tough stuff” in advance of the day when the emergency happens. We didn’t have the foresight, or the experience, to always plan properly for the future. Thank you for helping us to evaluate each situation individually. When it was time to consider moving Mom to a higher level of care, you were extremely patient and answered all of our questions. Once the move was complete, you checked in often to ensure that Mom was doing ok, and that the three of us were also doing ok with the change. Laura, I used to think that if I devoted all of my time to my parents (neglecting my own family in the process), I could keep my folks alive a little longer, or happier a little more often. What I have come to realize is that I was not correct in that thought. What will be, will be. But, with GHC on our side, I can spend these final months or years enjoying the magical moments, when I can simply look into my mom’s eyes. I no longer have to worry about whether she was given the correct meds, or if the doctor called back, or if the facility is keeping her safe at all times. All I have to think about now, is being my mom’s daughter, and simply “being.” For this gift, Laura, I will be eternally grateful. With sincere thanks and warmest regards”

Rae Corr, Patient Family Member (Daughter)

“I first met Laura Benn and learned about Guided HealthCARE in the summer of 2008. At that time, my parents, in their late eighties, were living alone in their own home, not wanting to move and denying that they needed any help. That summer, I finally insisted that they allow me to look into getting some help for them. The nurse who came to do the evaluation for their long term care insurance gave me Laura’s name and encouraged me to contact her. It changed our lives. Soon Laura visited us in my parents’ home. Her evaluation both relieved and overwhelmed me in its depth and thoroughness, and its prognosis and recommendations. In truth, I also did not recognize the extent to which Mom and Dad needed help. That was the beginning of my relationship with Guided HealthCARE and my experience with Laura Benn’s kind and gentle nudging and educating, her patience and loving support. After that first meeting, Guided HealthCARE took over the many tasks that I did not have the expertise or time to manage. On my behalf, they became our liaison with the agency that provided live-in caregivers and with my parents’ doctor, scheduling appointments and accompanying them to the doctor’s office. Laura, or one of her staff, came to the home weekly to check on Mom and Dad, to review their needs with the caregivers, and manage their medications. When it was time, they arranged for hospice services. Throughout, they kept in regular touch with me and followed up on any concerns I had or any new issues that they observed. There was always someone available to take my anxious phone calls and respond in emergencies. Over the next three and a half years, there were good days and hard days. There were celebrations and crises. There were at least a dozen different caregivers. My parents’ needs continued to increase as their Alzheimer’s progressed. My family and I came to depend on Laura Benn and her Guided HealthCARE team for support and guidance. Through it all, the greatest gift they gave us was to honor and support our desire to keep our parents in their own home and out of the hospital. On January 17, 2012, Mom and Dad reached their 70th anniversary. Twenty-three days later, Dad died quietly in his own bed. Mom followed seven weeks after that. They were both in their nineties. I cannot put into words what this good end meant to me, my brothers and our whole family. I will always be grateful to Laura Benn and Guided HealthCARE for helping to make it possible. Today, five and a half years after our first meeting, I am still a client of Guided HealthCARE. I am also responsible for my mother’s older sister who lives in a Board and Care home. At 97, she seems feisty enough to live several more years. I will continue to count on the support of Guided HealthCARE to help me provide for her needs. I wouldn’t consider having it any other way. I cannot recommend Laura Benn and her team highly enough.”

Kit Schweizer, Patient Family Member

”When my wife was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive neurological disorder, Guided HealthCARE assisted in all matters of managing her care, modifying our residence to make it safe for my wife, providing and coordinating with the best doctors, arranging for medical equipment, caregivers, medication management, nurses, providing continuous case review, and finally, hospice, when that became necessary. Whatever problem could be solved was addressed transparently. They have contact with all necessary resources to handle extreme situations. This made it possible for me to focus on being with my wife, rather than fighting battles of logistics and care.”

Client & Patient Family Member

“I had been involved in a couple of rear-end collisions. In discussing these with Guided HealthCARE, they were concerned I was experiencing an undiagnosed medical condition. If it were not for the quick assessment and referral I received from GHC, the Neurocardiogenic Syncope, which caused me to pass out while I was driving, could have resulted in a very serious situation not only for me, but for my wife and children as well.”

Adam Holden, Executive

“Guided HealthCARE was helping me with another health condition when they noticed a serious heart rhythm that could have caused a stroke. I had never been told that I had this problem before. They referred me to a cardiologist who diagnosed and treated the problem. I don’t know what would have happened to me if Guided HealthCARE had not been my advocate.”

Savyon Plumb

“I was suffering from severe lower back pain with sciatica in both legs. I felt I was not receiving the support I needed. When I called Guided HealthCARE, they not only found the right doctor for me to see, but also provided all the documentation needed to help me understand the urgency of my situation. If it had not been for Guided HealthCARE, I would have spent thousands of dollars pursuing the wrong medical direction. I would not have been able to return to work as soon as I did. I had the surgery I needed, and Guided HealthCARE even followed me after my surgery to make sure I recovered properly.”

Eva Folke, Esthetician

“It was tremendously helpful to have the support of Guided HealthCARE when my mother was severely ill from multiple strokes and complications of diabetes. Our family was under an incredible amount of stress, and not being medical professionals, we were unable to fully comprehend the diagnosis and treatment plan. Guided HealthCARE helped us ask the right questions and understand what was expected – both during hospitalization, and when she went to a nursing home. When it came time to make difficult choices, we felt we were able to make the best decisions thanks to their guidance.”

Diana Guido Bicksler, Attorney

“My father passed away peacefully in his sleep after a very long battle with Lewy Body Dementia. He had been suffering in a skilled nursing facility for a long time, was on lots of medications, and was suffering from a wound that wouldn’t heal. Guided HealthCARE's assistance, tenacity and hard work resulted in us finally seeing a physician who properly diagnosed my father. You worked with the medical team to adjust his medications and assure he was receiving the right ones, and less helpful ones were discontinued. You also helped us find a facility that could truly provide him with appropriate and supportive care for his illness. All your help and guidance gave me five more years of memories with my father. While some days were very difficult, I was able to laugh with him, share memories, sing and take him on short outings. Just a month ago, I took him out for a short car ride and an apple strudel. Again, with heartfelt thanks for all that you did.”

Deborah, Patient Family Member

What Our Colleagues Say

"As an integrative practice owner it is important for me to utilize a multidisciplinary approach for patient care. I believe collaboration is a key component for successful treatment planning and outcomes. Guided HealthCare (GHC) is collaboration at its finest. In all my years of practice I have not seen a more organized, experienced and passionate group. I have collaborated with GHC for over eight years. It is my experience and observations that GHC partners with their patient's families and their entire healthcare team for seamless communication and skilled interventions. I trust my patient care and my family care in their hands."

Katerina Rozakis, PhD, LCSW, DAPA, BCIM, Insight Wellness Center

“By working with the Guided Healthcare team my client is receiving the best-managed care possible. I enjoy working with GHC in developing the appropriate health care plan for my client. Their professionalism, availability, and flexibility make them a #1 care management team in my book.”

Kellie Hayes, Professional Fiduciary

“We would like to highly recommend Guided HealthCARE as premier provider of case management and care coordination. On numerous occasions we have partnered with GHC to provide premier in-home caregiving services to their clients. We also have referred our clients to GHC who needed great expertise with managing their chronic and acute illness. Laura Benn, RN and her team are true experts! Laura has worked in this community for many years and is very familiar with the medical healthcare systems.”

Francesca Wood, Home Care Liaison, Home Care Assistance

“I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunity of collaborating with the staff at Guided HealthCARE since its inception. I have been able to witness first hand the tremendous benefits to patient care that can be provided by a professional team of trained, experienced nurses who can oversee all aspects of patient care. They provide first-hand knowledge of all those details that those of us stuck in the offices can never fully appreciate. These include the home setting, family dynamics, finances, compliance with treatments, and visits with other providers. By coordinating the patient’s care across all these areas, they have been able to improve outcomes, prevent hospitalizations, and allow patients to stay in their homes that would otherwise have had to relocate to assisted living. Their “boots on the ground” contact with patients provides real benefits to patient care that cannot be achieved with other systems or approaches. I wish that all of my patients could have the benefits of their services.”

Paul Endo MD, John Muir Medical Group


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