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Kit Schweizer, Patient Family Member

“I first met Laura Benn and learned about Guided HealthCARE in the summer of 2008. At that time, my parents, in their late eighties, were living alone in their own home, not wanting to move and denying that they needed any help. That summer, I finally insisted that they allow me to look into getting some help for them. The nurse who came to do the evaluation for their long term care insurance gave me Laura’s name and encouraged me to contact her. It changed our lives. Soon Laura visited us in my parents’ home. Her evaluation both relieved and overwhelmed me in its depth and thoroughness, and its prognosis and recommendations. In truth, I also did not recognize the extent to which Mom and Dad needed help. That was the beginning of my relationship with Guided HealthCARE and my experience with Laura Benn’s kind and gentle nudging and educating, her patience and loving support. After that first meeting, Guided HealthCARE took over the many tasks that I did not have the expertise or time to manage. On my behalf, they became our liaison with the agency that provided live-in caregivers and with my parents’ doctor, scheduling appointments and accompanying them to the doctor’s office. Laura, or one of her staff, came to the home weekly to check on Mom and Dad, to review their needs with the caregivers, and manage their medications. When it was time, they arranged for hospice services. Throughout, they kept in regular touch with me and followed up on any concerns I had or any new issues that they observed. There was always someone available to take my anxious phone calls and respond in emergencies. Over the next three and a half years, there were good days and hard days. There were celebrations and crises. There were at least a dozen different caregivers. My parents’ needs continued to increase as their Alzheimer’s progressed. My family and I came to depend on Laura Benn and her Guided HealthCARE team for support and guidance. Through it all, the greatest gift they gave us was to honor and support our desire to keep our parents in their own home and out of the hospital. On January 17, 2012, Mom and Dad reached their 70th anniversary. Twenty-three days later, Dad died quietly in his own bed. Mom followed seven weeks after that. They were both in their nineties. I cannot put into words what this good end meant to me, my brothers and our whole family. I will always be grateful to Laura Benn and Guided HealthCARE for helping to make it possible. Today, five and a half years after our first meeting, I am still a client of Guided HealthCARE. I am also responsible for my mother’s older sister who lives in a Board and Care home. At 97, she seems feisty enough to live several more years. I will continue to count on the support of Guided HealthCARE to help me provide for her needs. I wouldn’t consider having it any other way. I cannot recommend Laura Benn and her team highly enough.”

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