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Rae Corr, Patient Family Member (Daughter)

​ “Dear Laura and team - As you know, before my brothers and I were introduced to Guided HealthCARE, the three of us were actively working (what seemed like around the clock) caring for Mom and Dad. Although Mom and Dad were living at a wonderful Assisted Living Facility, my brothers and I still felt like we could not just “be” with our parents. We were constantly still playing the roles of caregiver, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, entertainer, and so much more. We desperately wanted to simply go back to the way it once was - they as the parents, and we as their loving children. ​ After we were introduced to GHC, my brothers and I had a long talk: "How can we pay a third party to do what we should be doing?” ”We all live within 30 miles. Why can’t we do it ourselves?” You see, we all knew we couldn’t keep up the pace much longer, yet we felt guilty and nervous, handing over the reigns to someone else. Laura, fast forward to today. All I can tell you is that we made absolutely the right decision, bringing GHC into the picture! From day one, you and your team took over with grace and dignity. You learned as much as you could about the situation as a whole, and quickly got to know both of my parents on a very close and personal level. There are so many areas for which I am thankful. The first that comes to mind, is how you think ahead and preplan. You have taught us that it is ALWAYS better to talk about “the tough stuff” in advance of the day when the emergency happens. We didn’t have the foresight, or the experience, to always plan properly for the future. Thank you for helping us to evaluate each situation individually. When it was time to consider moving Mom to a higher level of care, you were extremely patient and answered all of our questions. Once the move was complete, you checked in often to ensure that Mom was doing ok, and that the three of us were also doing ok with the change. Laura, I used to think that if I devoted all of my time to my parents (neglecting my own family in the process), I could keep my folks alive a little longer, or happier a little more often. What I have come to realize is that I was not correct in that thought. What will be, will be. But, with GHC on our side, I can spend these final months or years enjoying the magical moments, when I can simply look into my mom’s eyes. I no longer have to worry about whether she was given the correct meds, or if the doctor called back, or if the facility is keeping her safe at all times. All I have to think about now, is being my mom’s daughter, and simply “being.” For this gift, Laura, I will be eternally grateful. With sincere thanks and warmest regards”

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