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Richard & Deborah Gunther, Patient Family Members

“The term ‘exceeds expectations’ immediately comes to mind when we think of our relationship with Guided HealthCARE. Three years ago, when our association began, we had no idea how quickly they would become central to the team we assembled to provide high quality care for our parents. Every member of the staff is professional, highly competent and extremely caring. We have yet to encounter a situation in which Guided HealthCARE was not able to make a significant contribution; they are especially capable in coordinating the service providers that we depend on. There is clear and timely communication on all issues, large and small, that speak to a real desire to support our family as we face challenges we could not have imagined would come our way. Guided HealthCARE is an invaluable asset to our family; they have significantly enhanced the quality of life for our parents and for us - they're family care givers.”

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